Curriculum Overview

A Journey of Learning, A Lifetime of Success

At our academy, we nurture curious minds and empower students to shape their own successful futures.

Academic Programs:

Unlock your child’s potential with our academic programs tailored to various subjects, including English/Language Arts, Math, Science, STEM activities, Public Speaking, and Leadership Skills Counseling. Our customized lessons cater to individual learning styles, ensuring a strong foundation for academic success.

Cognitive Development Programs:

At New Age Academy, we understand the importance of cognitive skills in navigating life’s challenges. Our cognitive development programs focus on Creative Thinking, Logical Reasoning, Time Management, Adaptability and learning, and Critical Thinking and problem-solving. These programs empower students with essential skills that extend beyond the classroom.

Social & Emotional Growth Programs:

We believe in nurturing not only the mind but also the heart. Our Social and Emotional Growth Programs encompass Goal Setting, Emotional Intelligence, Teamwork and Collaboration, and Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI). These programs instill essential life skills, empowering students to thrive in various social and professional settings.


Educating for a Brighter Tomorrow

At our academy, we are dedicated to fostering a dynamic learning environment where students not only acquire knowledge but also develop essential life skills. Through innovative teaching methods and a commitment to excellence, we empower each student to embrace their unique potential and confidently navigate the path to success.

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